Dance Awake is a conscious dance modality set to a wave of multi-genre music. The music is the muse to encourage the ability to move with all things and discover new movement.  

The Monk’s Question is a Dance Awake Class. The invitation is to give yourself an hour and fifteen minutes of uninterrupted dance time! In the beginning think of any question, challenge, or situation currently alive in your life. Something that you are wanting more clarity with.

The beginning of the mix is slow. Begin to slowly move and bring to mind the question or situation. Explore movement in the body that expresses it. Find shapes, gestures, forms, movements, anything! Repeat it over a few times. Use your fingers, toes, legs, arms, eyes, spine, shoulders, hips and every other part of your body.  Move with it.

As the music gets going, simply let your body move in any way.  Follow the guidelines of Dance Awake. 

At the end, when the music slows down again, invite your body to move with the answer, insight, and clarity. Listen for the insight as your body shares it’s wisdom. 

Please share your experience in the comments below! It would be amazing to hear! Enjoy!

Would you like to explore more? You are most welcome! 

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