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A complete curriculum for people wishing to make the practices part of their life
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The Awake Human Being Enthusiast!

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  1. Living Room Dances
  2. Body Awareness
  3. Elemental Awareness
  4. Movement Expeditions
  5. Breathe Easy
  6. Deep Relaxation
  7. Meditation & Mindfulness
  8. Action
  9. Additional courses, inspiration, and resources to support your conscious dance journey!

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Who is it for?

  • If you would like to practice and explore practices of conscious dance, mindfulness, meditation, breath work, deep relaxation, and action.
  • If you want access to a fully comprehensive experiential system of human exploration and evolution.
  • Those wanting to experience the benefits of regular systematic practices of the above mentioned practice.
  • Those interested in guided daily practices take one progressively deeper into various  dimensions of human experience.
  • If you would like a systematic approach to self exploration with a suggested practice schedule.
  • This membership allows one to complete the pre-requisites for the Dance Awake and Awake Human Being Facilitator Training.

Subscription Fee

  • Free 14 day trial period, thereafter you will be billed monthly via PayPal.
  • $12 USD per month.
  • You may cancel your membership at anytime.
  • Access to entire Module 1 content available on sign up. Remaining modules available after the trial period is over.

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What is the Subscription fee for?

It takes a large amount of time and effort to create the content for each module. We are not however charging for the teachings themselves. The subscription fee enables us to continue to generate the content. We really appreciate your support as it allows us to continue to make these incredible practices  available.

Can't Afford the Subscription?

Please contact us if you wish to join the academy and the subscription fee is a barrier. Concessions are available. We sincerely want anybody to be able to access and benefit from the practices.

Donate a membership Subscription

Contact us if you would like to donate a membership subscription. Your generosity will allow us to give Academy access to students, minors and people who genuinely cannot afford to pay.

3. Dance Awake & Awake Human Being Facilitator Training Courses

Share your love for these practices with others!


The Academy offers facilitator training courses with online content and one on one mentorship.

There are two Facilitator Training options available namely:

  1. Dance Awake Facilitator Training - learn how to teach conscious dance classes in your community. The prerequisites for joining the Dance Awake Facilitator training are to complete the first season of Awake Human Being content. This ensures that you have enough personal experience of the work and lays a strong foundation for becoming a facilitator.
  2. Awake Human Being Facilitator Training - learn how to teach the different practices making up the Awake Human Being system which includes the Dance Awake Facilitator training course.  The prerequisite for enrolment is gained in completing  3 Seasons of the Awake Human Being enthusiast content.

As there is one on one contact time with a mentor included in these courses, enrolment numbers are limited. As places open up they will be offered to the those wanting to train in either Dance Awake, or Awake Human Being or both.

Please contact us directly if you are interested in enrolment on the Facilitator Training.

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