The five sheaths represents a map of dimensions of the human body or personality. The Five sheaths are the physical, vital, mental, psychic and subtle. By bringing attention to each sheath with these practices our awareness of each of the dimension expands. We gain greater understanding of who and what we are, and how we move and are moved by the world. Within and around us.

Humans sadly mostly operate with very limited awareness. Our current lifestyle serves to mostly disconnect us further from it. Our awareness is mostly conditioned to a limited focus. Mostly in the mental and a little in physical sheaths. Even though these two sheaths are familiar there are large parts of them that remain hidden from our awareness. Bluntly put, we operate at a fraction of our true potential. We are largely unaware of what is going on within our own body and the world around us.

The aim of this series of practices is to help us explore and expand our awareness. By focusing awareness in each of these sheaths.  In this way gaining greater understanding of our nature and personality. The hope is that this insight will allow us to be more dynamic and creative in expressing our human potential. More present, aware and responsive.

These practices follow the same map used in the Body Awareness Course taught in the Awake Human Being Academy modules. They draw aspects of practice from many of the other courses taught. They are put together into these longer 2 hour practices.

Awake Human Being hosts all music mixes from dances online at In addition to the academy courses this is a wonderful resource for dancing. Some mixes are recorded with facilitation and others are just music waves to dance to. All the academy courses that are recorded with music are also hosted on Mixcloud. We chose use Mixcloud as they have a fair payment model for artists. Royalties are paid for their music! If you wish to support the artists further you are welcome to subscribe to the Awake Human Being Select Channel.

This will give you access to the following additional benefits:

  • Exclusive SELECT mixes and practices
  • Upfront track lists
  • Offline listening (through the Mixcloud app)
  • Fair distribution model - artists supported!
  • Premium playback - Listen without limits or ads which will enhance listening experience of all Mixcloud hosted practices.

Part One and Two – Mixcloud Free User

Part Three to Five: – Mixcloud Select Subscribers

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