An Awake Human Being

The natural expression of an Awake Human Being is compassion, empathy, tolerance, understanding and selflessness. They are dynamic, creative people with strong will and ability to become focused and one pointed in their vision. Able to hear and then adapt to the needs of their present reality. Remaining relaxed and focused in the midst of change and stress, they find ways to thrive in any space.  Striving to understand the impersonal nature of the universe and act in alignment with the natural order and flow of nature. Seekers, constantly striving to understand themselves and life.  Understanding that the more they discover, the less they actually know.  Many times they get all of the above wrong, make mistakes, err as humans, yet learning. Each failure a stepping stone to success.  Continuing on the Path.

What is Awake Human Being?

Awake Human Being (AHB) is system of practices offered in classes and events both in the real world and online platforms that  enable a deep exploration into the Great Mystery that is our being. The wisdom and understanding that comes through the practice is turned into positive and uplifting action.  If you have ever wondered or become curious as to your true nature, or asked yourself "Who am I?" then AHB is the place for you! A place to discover self empowering tools and practices that support the unfolding of your life into its full creative potential, helping to align you with your true nature and with all nature.

What do we teach?

Awake Human Being aim's to integrate all aspects of our human nature, through practices of

conscious dance (Dance Awake), breathing, mindfulness, meditation, service, and movement.

Like an oak tree is contained in the acorn and under the right conditions the seed becomes a tree, we too have everything we need to grow into our full potential. Awake Human Being offers support by providing the right conditions, that enable a human to discover and grow into their full potential being and establish a meaningful, purposeful connection in relationship to their life and the rest of the world.

Every Body is Welcome!

About the Founder of AHB

Awake Human Being was founded by Brian Bergman and what is presented here are the gems distilled from his life of exploration into methods and practices that help to awaken our dormant potential and allow us to experience the fullness of our Being. Brian has been practicing yoga, meditation and mindfulness for 20 years and has been practicing conscious dance for the last 10. He is a veterinarian, a qualified Dancing Freedom facilitator, and holds a PG Diploma in Yogic Studies, from the Bihar Yoga Bharati, in India. He currently teaches yoga and mindfulness inside prisons as well as weekly Dance Awake classes and vets at an animal welfare clinic in Khayalitsha, Cape Town, South Africa.