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Episode 1: Dark Thoughts

From being so immersed in preparing Dance Awake classes I find myself with a lot of time. The state of national disaster declared this passed Sunday here in South Africa left me with needing to find new ways of channeling creativity. This podcast idea came to me in my morning dance practice. I had started a graphic novel about 10 years ago called Radio One Mind. I got 14 pages in. I realised that the idea would actually work better as a radio station of sorts.  So I thought I'd just wing this first episode. I'm still settling on a format and content but the idea is to have an hour or so to pause, breath, move, relax, listen to some awesome music and enjoy a good story or two. All to help keep us straight in these trying times. Hopefully then ready to continue to weave threads of Love into the tapestry of this world.  Thanks to Sophie for introducing this podcast, she really came through today (I froze for a moment). She got her walk in as promised.  And thank you to the musicians too, for bringing the message across so powerfully in their music and lyrics.  Please support them. The tracks are listed on where these broadcasts are hosted. Mixcloud pays royalties to artists!  Thanks for listening. Feel free to comment and leave suggestions, ideas and requests in the comments below. And if you enjoyed this podcast, please share it. Until next time: Good luck out there!

Sophie got her walk!

Episode 2: Let Us Pray

This episode is combination of some awesome music and a little bit of chatty chatty and then a 55 minute conscious dance mix. A slightly more somber tone than the first one yet with some beautiful and inspiring music. Sophie was out having a sleep over at her mom's so didn't contribute to the show this time round. The other two hounds were a bit shy but I suspect they will chip in someday.

If you want to jump to the dance practice it's about 32 minutes into the show. I hope you enjoy it. Please leave comments below. I really appreciate them. And if you like the show and feel moved by it, I would really appreciate shares. Thanks for your support. Good luck out there!

I Pray

Episode 3: Travellers in Wonderland

In this episode we celebrate the human spirit. Its tenacity to move through the stormy wonderland of this strange and unrecognisable world that came over us. Almost overnight. We celebrate each other and how so many of us are moving with love. The show is also an opportunity to take a moment to feel into your own being. Hang out there a bit. Sophie chips in a bit. Amazing music is be played. A few things are talked about. There is a breathing practice (at 42mins in) to help you settle into the moment and an hour long conscious dance (55 mins in) inviting a joyful movement of celebration of your human spirit. Kind of a way of expressing respect and gratitude for its unwavering ability to hold this right now.
The music will stretch you in ways not unlike how you are being stretched by the world.
With a twist of joy. Of grace. Of Prayer. Of Wonder!

Episode 4: Hope

Our usual mix of beautiful music, along with exploring the idea of what it means to have hope in this world. This show features my fried Carlos who shares a vision and a message of hope. We top it all off with an awesome conscious dance practice mix (Starts 50 minutes into the episode) exploring hope as a movement and feeling within our body. Enjoy! If the show inspires you I would be grateful if you share it with others and I love comments. (Makes me feel connected and hopeful 😉

Episode 5: Here for a Moment

Includes beautiful music, a poem by Sophie and her favourite song, some musings, an awesome message from Keeshum, a good friend of mine and ends off with a solid conscious dance practice that starts with a 30 minute process of awareness and goes into an un-facilitated dance celebrating your being here for the moment and therefore able to dance to this particular show. To skip to the dance jump to 47 minutes into the show. Thank you for listening, please share it if you love it!

Episode 6: Serve Love Give

This episode is inspired by me having to remind myself of what is really important in these and all times. You see sometimes I take my eye off the prize and start to fall into a low grade anxiety which doesn’t feel great. This episode is the antidote for that. Reminding me why we are here and how to open and expand again. Included is a beautiful share from a good friend, Chris Auret. Some wonderful music , inspiring messages, and an incredible conscious dance. This shows dance invitation was inspired by Mother Therese -  “I believe God loves the world through us—through you and me.” (Skip to 77m into the show for just the dance.)

Enjoy and please help by sharing the show through your channels. It would be amazing if the message got out there as an antidote to the mainstream rhetoric!

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Episode 7: Dreamtime

Episode 7 is an invitation to enter into the Dreaming through music, some words, and guest appearances by Bolt and Sophie. It is a show that you can relax and listen to or it is a mix for a two hour conscious dance! I recommend to use it as both. The invitation is to let your imagination out, and let it lead you deep into your being. Enjoy!
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Thanks for tuning in.
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Episode 8: Inside Wisdom

This episode is mostly a sharing of moving, stirring and wonderful music with a few musings. The invitation to tune inwards and feel our own wisdom. Listen for our own voice, so that we can respond to the world from that place. You know, to stop being robots (conditioned to react with fear to everything that is dangled in front of our eyes) and discover how we can move with the incredible creative potential that is our human Being. Of course you can also just dance to it!

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Episode 9: Our New Home

A special episode and invitation to wear someone else’s shoes and spend some time moving in them. Feel what this inspires in your own being and then go out and bring it to the world. I’m deeply grateful to Zikhona Madubela for sharing some of her story on the show. The interview was conducted at the animal clinic in Khayalitsha, the noises you hear in the backroad is part of the usual soundscape of this bustling township. The music is made from 100% South African artists.

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Episode 10: Nurture our Nature

In this episode we are joined by Craig Foster, maker of the incredible Netflix documentary - My Octopus Teacher. Craig shares his wisdom and methods for connecting to nature. He brings a message of hope and inspiration for anyone looking to forge a true and meaningful relationship with life.

Nurture Our Nature is an invitation to look at how we can once again become one with nature, the source of our life and sustenance. His message is mixed with some incredible music. Take the time to let his words sink into your being and contemplate your own movements in this world. Tune Inwards.

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