Stress and Anxiety

The world of humans is  facing great uncertainty and the future is unclear. The mind has a tendency to take all the information it knows, has read, or remembers, to pop out scenarios and probabilities. A futile attempt to feel safe and in control of the situation.

The poor body however, cannot tell the difference between what is real and what is imagined.   The body simply responds physiologically to whatever content the mind is holding. It responds as if they were real. Of course for every worse case scenario the mind churns out causes a physiological response as well. Real news or Fake News, the response is the same.

As a result in many our bodies  currently, the physiological chemical soup is an expression of stress, fear, and anxiety. Our fight or flight response which should kick in to respond to a real threat, get us out of danger, and then switch off, is active most of the time. This is not sustainable if we wish to maintain a sense of wellbeing. Our sympathetic nervous system is in overdrive.  It is not easy to maintain a sense of balance and calm in the midst of mass hysteria, opinions and uncertainty. And this is where having some practices that will switch you over into the normal physiological state that is more conducive to health and wellbeing are very useful.

This will Help

Here is one such practice brought to you by the Awake Human Being Academy. We hope it helps your body switch back into relaxation. At least for even a few minutes of the practice. If you avoid the news and social media and simply focus yourself in this present moment afterwards, the state will last a while longer too.

Deep Relaxation 103 - Feeling Opposites Long Practice


  • Make sure nothing will disturb you for the duration of the practice (40 minutes) .
  • Lie on a mat on the floor, or your bed.
  • Follow the instructions as given in the recording.

The Academy

Obviously one can develop a regular daily practice of tools and techniques that not only cultivate lasting relaxation, but also empower one through self awareness and self observation. Helping one to overcome the tendency of our mind to loose its shit with every new piece of information being received. Practices that help one maintain balance and creativity in life. If you are curious try the the Awake Human Being Academy out. There is a free two weeks trial period and you can cancel at any time. Or take an experiential tour here. The academy offers training in the disciplines of mindfulness, conscious dance, breathing, deep relaxation, mindful movement and meditation to assist one in taking full power and responsibility for the state of ones own being. So that regardless of what is happening out there, one remain balanced and at peace inside. Or at least able to return to that state with greater ease and mastery when one loses it.

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