Experiential Tour of the Awake Human Being Academy

The Academy trains one in the disciplines of
Conscious Dance, Mindfulness, Meditation, Breath Work,
Movement, Relaxation
and Awareness.

It is a complete integral system.  (For more info click here)

Try the Courses Out:

Body Awareness Course

Cultivating awareness of the 5 sheaths that make up a Human Body through 15 minute movement practices set to great music.
The 5 sheaths are - physical, mental, energetic, psychic and subtle. 
(5 practices per module)

Elemental Awareness Course

Exploring the nature and quality of each of the 5 elements and how we experience their movements in our being through 15 minute movement practices set to music that has the quality of the element being explored. The 5 elements are: Earth, water, fire, air and ether. (5 practices per module)

Living Room Dances

These are 45 minute dance practices following a wave of music. Each dance explores on of the 5 styles of conscious dance and the sixth dance is a combination of all the styles together. (6 Dances per module)

Deep Relaxation Course

Each module contains a short (15-20 mins) and a long version (25-45 mins) of  a practice that help one experience the state of relaxation. With each module your ability to experience and return to a state of deep relaxation will be cultivated.

Deep Relaxation Short Practice

Breathe Easy

A systematic course introducing you to and then developing awareness and control over you breath. Each module consists of 5 practices of 15mins exploring various aspects of breath work.

Breath Awareness Moving Around Practice

Mindfulness & Meditation Course

This course teaches both mindfulness and meditation technique systematically. Each module progressing from the previous one.  It consists of a daily mindfulness practice and 3 progressive versions of a various meditation techniques. Module 101 introduces the Body Stillness Meditation.

Body Stillness Short Practice

Movement Expeditions

Getting to know our physical body through movement and awareness. Exploring it and its movements through various movement practice. The aim of the course is to improve overall wellbeing and deepen awareness.  Each module has 5 practices that vary from 15 to 45 minutes long. Each one is different.

ME101 - From Sitting


A systematic course on the art of acting, doing, creating, moving and serving in the world. This course’s focus is to integrate all the self orientated practice of the above courses into action in the world.

ACT101 - Listening Practice

Bonus Extras

Each module includes bonus practices, exclusive dance mixes and self retreats. Module 101 includes the Introduction to Dance Awake Course. 

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