Too Much Information

The amount of information both fake and true, the speculation, the scenarios, best case, worse case, the hype, the hysteria, the panic, the uncertainty. Great food for our minds to gorge upon. And from what I see around me, every one is feeding deeply off this all you can eat bottomless buffet. If corona virus doesn’t make you sick, the rhetoric probably will. 

Of course worse than the “too much information” is the way it translates in our behaviour. How we react to it. With panic. With fear. It doesn’t necessarily lead to us expressing the best of our being. 

Angels and Demons

A few years ago, I was listening to my teacher in India talking about the time he went to Gujarat, just after a massive earthquake had devastated the city. He went to see where the organisation could help. As he walked down the streets assessing the situation he said he saw everywhere the angels and the demons manifesting. Someone risking their life to pull someone out of a collapsed building. While just a few meters away someone else cutting off a finger for a ring, from someone stuck in the rubble. The way he put it really struck me. Angels and the demons. Just like now.


We are living in a state of increased anxiety. Fear is a powerful affliction. We all know that’s not good for immune systems or our wellbeing. I didn’t realise how badly it is affecting us as humans until I've seen it's expression with this crisis. I realise too that people are almost powerless to step out of it. Suffering amplified. It's not a great way to be.

Our Body Knows

We are not separate entities in this creation. We are each a unique point of view of the whole. We have a responsibility to act from this point of view. Nobody sees how you see. Nobody can act like you can.  Our choices, words, deeds and action now, in this very moment, either make things worse or better. It has always been like this.

If we are able to turn down the noise coming at us from the mass collective mental hysteria and tune into our bodies inherent listening system, (the part of us that listens deeply to both our inner nature and the nature around), then we know exactly what to do right now. We do not need more information. 


Tuning into our inner voice and what it is telling us requires an ability to relax and open to our receptivity. To become sensitive.  So that we can listen. Not to the rhetoric or the mind garbage we are being force fed. But to our senses, heart, gut,  feeling, and intuitive sense.


We may not hear what the cure for corona is with this kind of listening (although someone might).  We will have a strong sense of the response required in this moment. The next step. The next movement. And so we move, moment by moment. Keep following this dance, and you are working for the universe!

We listen, we respond to what we are hearing. We trust many others are doing the same, (and many are!), then we create heaven on earth. We will emerge from this crises and all others, no matter how bad they get, intact and connected. Expressing the best of humanity. Love emanating from our hearts. Mouths that have spoken kind words of comfort and relief. With heads that think creatively. And hands that have moved to help others. 

Suffering is inevitable. 

We cannot avoid suffering or death. Everybody’s story ends the same. If it is not this virus, it would be something else. However we can use these times to discover that we are powerful in our ability to help to decrease the fear. Ease the pain and suffering. Cure the loneliness of another. To be of service to something greater than our own needs. It is never too late to move in this direction. To move from ignorance to wisdom, from dark to light. 

Tend the Garden

Corona virus is not the issue. There have been “corona virus” like threats throughout history. Historically they have always brought out the best and worse of our humanity. The issue is how we respond to our world as humans. Are we going to tend our part of the garden or hope someone else will?

Whether it takes a day, a year, or another 2000 years. I can say with some certainty that the actions borne from tuning in will open you heart, calm and comfort you, and fill you with a deep sense of wellbeing (even if you are down with corona virus). Here and now! It will uplift you and everything around you. An Awake Human Being up-levelling the space! Bringing heaven on Earth.

The opposite is also true of course. Keep feeding off the hysteria and reacting to every piece of information and we will have more of what we see around us.  We can be part of creating more fear, anxiety, ugliness, selfishness, destruction, pain, hurt, anger, violence, and despair. Hell on earth. Choice is always in our hands. 


Of course it takes a little practice to learn to tune in like this. It is an essential life skill and worth taking time to develop it. It’s already better to get it wrong in the name of learning to tune into ourselves, then to get it wrong because of not listening at all.

The above practice is to help you relax and feel your way into your response to the international disaster we are moving in. It combines a deep relaxation practice with a contemplative movement practice and conscious dance. I hope it helps you to feel more yourself. 

May you move and be moved by love. Always. Good luck out there.

Quieten Down.
It is the same game it has always been.
Do you know whose side you are on?
What moves your hands?

Do you choose to move with love
or with fear?
Get clear!

What we get here on earth,
depends on our Dance. 

Quieten down.
Check in.
What is moving you,
right now?

It is never too late
to move with Love.

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