The Movement Expeditions course offers 30 guided practices ranging from 15 to 60 minutes each, designed to facilitate a deep and expansive exploration of movement.

Throughout the course, we will engage in slow and deliberate movements, holding poses and postures for extended periods. Alternatively, we will delve into dynamic sequences, exploring flowing and dance-like movements. At times, there will be a combination of both approaches, as well as other movement explorations. Each module focuses on a specific aspect of physical body awareness. With each practice session, you will uncover subtle aspects of yourself by immersing yourself in sensations, feelings, and movements within your own body.

The primary objective of this course is to expand and deepen our awareness of the body. It aims to explore the full potential of what the body can do, unlocking latent creative abilities and enhancing the flow and vitality within. The spirit of the movement expeditions is reminiscent of the original yogis' spirit of inquiry, as they discovered and explored various postures. We will use our bodies as a field for conducting experiments, exploring the effects of movement and awareness.

Each module consists of five practices, each delving into different aspects of movement and awareness. The movements will begin and end in stillness, providing a framework for exploration and a return to a state of calm focus.