Day 7


Welcome to Day 7

Vision 103: Allowing Vision to Guide

Now that we are becoming more familiar with the feeling of the vision and the tone it creates in our body, we can begin to feel how it moves us. The idea behind holding a vision as a feeling rather than a specific statement is that it then can actualise in every moment or situation. You don't need to wait for something to happen or conditions to become ideal. No matter what the situation is, whatever or whoever you are facing. You can move towards your vision. If you make a wrong turn and get lost for a while, you vision will help you redirect. It is your GPS with a specific destination placed in it. It will keep recalculating the fastest route from where you are.

As you can see the effort comes in being present. If you are present you have a choice of action or movement. Maybe taking time to ask yourself if the next opportunity that presents itself is a movement towards or away from your vision.  Sometimes things look and seem exactly what you've been asking for but won't feel right. Other times it will look like the complete opposite and yet carry a strong yes in the feeling. Trust in your intuition. This is where the feeling comes from. It may seem tough to do. However with a little practice it will become second nature. Soon you will very quickly know when you've gone wrong. Should it happen that you lose it for a while, it's ok. Come back to yourself, connect to the feeling, and make the choice in that moment.

“Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.”  - Rumi


Today is a practice if integration - first we connect, and feel the feeling of the vision. The we allow it to move inside. Feeling how we choose to move when we are connecting to our body, our hearts, our minds, our spirit.  After some time we can extend out using our imaginations to connect and feel how the feeling would move when we dance in relationship to our life, our close relationships, our homes. Keep extending into your work and colleagues, ultimately including the world and so called others. Feel what aspects of support from all of you help support the vision. Dance with them! Listen for words that come when you feel the feeling.  They are likely to be big ones like "Love", "Creativity", "Well-Being" ,"Compassion". (I you want to stop smoking, SELF LOVE would do it, and much much more too!)

 Today is a practice on becoming one pointed. The object of concentration is the vision. For more information on concentration click here

Below is the guided movement meditation practice for today . Give yourself a full half hour for the practice. Make sure you have room to move freely and even vigorously. Switch your phone onto silent. Before you begin, take a look around and take in your environment, where you are, the time of day etc. Get comfortable.

Guidelines are the same as the other days.

For the Rest of Today and Beyond

Integration and practice of your vision is key! Today really become focused in every situation, conversation, interaction and experience you have. Listen in each one for your choice of action, word, deed, or movement. Base the choice on your feeling. While it is still fresh, begin to make decisions and choices moving from here. Keep it up and try bring it more and more into every moment. There will be times when it is simple, and times when you will really need to feel into it. Dance it even! To get the clarity on how to move.

If you lose the feeling remember your hand gesture. Practice it several times a day. Dance day 5, 6 and 7 again if you get very disconected. Or repeat the whole 7 day process. Conscious Dance classes are a great way to process and reconnect to the feeling. Move regularly. Or let the feeling guide you to other creative outlets and places where you can become still enough to hear yourself.

My wish for you all is that you discover ways of moving with your vision and creating from it.
May your vision bring you everything you need and more.
And may you share the fruits with others!

Good luck out there.

2 Thoughts on “Day 7: Integration”

  • It has been awesome dancing each morning, more so dancing with you each morning. Thank you for this practice. I face my day and year full hearted and eager to practice being in flow.

    • Awesome Michael, thank you for playing. I hope we get to do a lot of it this year 😉 It’s been fun to journey with you these past days. I might have to create more practices just to continue this weird and at the same time special way of interacting. Lot’s of love to you.

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