Meditation and concentration are the way to a life of serenity. - Ram Dass

One pointed.

Concentration. The ability to rest on an object, fixed and unwavering, while life moves around you in the cosmic dance. Resting here, one can feel outwards into that dance, and move from the still point. The longer we hold that state of being, the deeper our meditation.

What object?

In the dance we can focus on many things as the object. An unwavering un-flickering candle flame in the centre of your chest. A dot of light in the centre of your head. Your breath moving in and out. The movement of awareness up and down the spine. Something you are creating in the world. Your relationship.Work. The dance.

The practice is simple

Spend a little time getting into movement, and become present. Focus on the body, the breath, the senses, mind and emotions. Observe it all in movement and move with it. Do not try concentrate for a while. Just notice everything moving in and around you.  After we feel like we have satisfied any distractions by actively giving them attention then we begin concentration.

We slowly become more and more focused on our chosen object.  Allow the body to dance and move, whilst making an effort to keep your attention focused on the object. Simply return whenever you are distracted away from it. Keep moving. Allow your being to become focused and merged with the object. Allow it to be the still point on which everything else spins and moves. Keep moving and allow the experience to occur spontaneously as you continue to merge with the object.


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