Day 6

Feeling it Move

Welcome to Day 6

Vision 102: Here and Now

As our bodies exist only in the present moment, it can only hold the vision of your future in the now! The way to move towards a future vision or resolution (in this practice) would be to connect to the feeling in this moment. Allow it to guide your action, words and deeds. Whatever you are facing, the action must ideally be guided by that feeling. It then actualises with each of these actions. Habits will  begin to break. Old patterns will start to shift. This way, over time, the vision is realised.  Through a series of moments where we stuck with the vision (feeling).

As we have no form or ideas attached to what it looks like, it is not limited by you minds ideas or even your imagination. It could surpass your wildest dreams. However it looks or manifests it will feel right.

Eating Fruit

A metaphor to describe the above vision model is like planting a fruit tree seed because you want fruit. The vision is the feeling of tasting the fruit. To plant the seed is your first action. It is based on feeling into the first bite of that fruit (connecting to your vision).  Then feeling into the vision (the taste of fruit) would move you to water the seed. At times  to do nothing. At times give it fertiliser.

Along with this you would maybe be moved to plant other seeds. Moved to give people seedlings. And many other actions you would not have contemplating doing, where it not for following the feeling. 

One day you find the tree being attacked by bugs. Seeing this creates a feeling in you that is opposite of your vision. If you moved from this opposite feeling you would despair. Maybe even burn the tree down in a rage. However re-orienting to the feeling of the vision in this moment, would move you to pull bugs off the leaves.  Water it again, etc.

Ultimately you pick the fruit. Other people may bring you fruit from their trees. A food forest may have sprung up that feeds hundreds. Then the vision may move you to share the fruit with with others so that everyone benefits from your vision. Better than you could have imagined, which was perhaps why you actually wanted fruit. 

Yesterday we embodied our vision for the first time! 

We practiced movement for some time, and then moved into an invocatory dance, where we felt into and found movement for our vision. We ended the practice by arriving with our hands in a gesture or a position. This gesture is the energetic expression that connects us to the feeling within of our vision. As we practice the gesture and feel the vision within, we start to create neural pathways and energetic links to our vision. Holding this hand position becomes a switch that turns us on to the feeling of our vision.

Today we are going to work with that and take it into the dance. To deepen the feeling and gain further insight into it. We are going to move this vision with all the tools of the previous days movements and focus. In this way we hope to really get the vision deeper into our being, so that we feel it present in all our actions, choices, speech and movement in this world. 

The Practice

Today we will use our imaginations and minds to conjure up images, thoughts and therfore the feeling by imagining our visions realised. We will dance as if we have everything we need to realise the vision. We will move as if we are in the future and the vision has been realised. By imaging what it would look like to have achieved our vision or stuck with the vision no matter what the whole year! In this way we harness our mental power in a constructive way and then bring it into our dance. We are allowing the feeling of our vision to grow using our imagination.

Today is  a practice that uses the mind.  For more information on this see the blog Moving Mind here.

Again do not worry if it is not as clear as you would like. Keep practicing. Feel free to repeat days if necessary. be kind and gentle with yourself, and allow yourself to really grasp this in your own way and in your own time.

Below is the guided movement meditation practice for today . Give yourself a full half hour for the practice. Make sure you have room to move freely and even vigorously. Switch your phone onto silent. Before you begin, take a look around and take in your environment, where you are, the time of day etc. Get comfortable.

Guidelines are the same as the other days.

For the Rest of Today

Continue to feel into the feeling or vision for your life and life's direction. Gently allow it to become clearer. This is how it would feel to achieve everything you are resolved to achieve. Feeling the feeling,  let your hands come into the gesture you discovered at the end the dance practice often. Make the connection between gesture and feeling. Go deep into the feeling inside you and make friends with it. Identify with the feeling, feel it as a moving of some higher aspect of self, beyond right and wrong, beyond judgement, a place of loving awareness. Take some time just before you go to bed feeling it. Allow yourself to drift into the dreaming of that feeling. Allow yourself to begin to let the feeling guide your thoughts, words, actions and movements in your life. Observe when you get it right, and when you are moving in another direction. 

3 Thoughts on “Day 6: Feeling it Move”

  • Hmmm, skipped doing the practice yesterday, think that this impacted Vision 102. I’d like to start again and go back to 101.

    • That’s fine Michael, also don’t worry if you don’t get it all at once. It takes time to develop the feeling and for some this 7 day process is like planting a seed. Some it may be discovering a new type of seed to be planted. For others it is watering a tree that’s been growing a while. Enjoy!

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