Day 4

Raise the Vibration

Welcome to Day 4


We have spent time connecting to our body (day 1). Entered into a moving conversation practicing our words (day 2). We opened up to the archetypical shamanic psychic dimension of our being (day 3).  This has all been preparation.  We are gradually cultivating, deepening and refining of our awareness.  We are also becoming more focused and concentrated. The preparation is helping to sharpen our attention and expand our awareness. We want to bring all of our being into the invocation of our vision. The more of ourselves we can embody the deeper the vision will land in our being.

Today's is a bridge between the preparation and manifestation.

It is part preparation as we are allowing our awareness to notice and explore our sense of energy, vitality, or creative life force.  It is part manifestation as we will actively choose to respond to it in a way that raises our vibration. It is important to note that we are not trying to change what's present for us. We are shifting the way we respond to it. We are wanting to respond in a way that is more kind, gentle and loving, rather than an attempt to judge, suppress or push it away. This has the effect of creating unification rather than separation. Of allowing us to expand instead of contract. Of opening us up to being more creative.


We want to harness our creative life force or energy, keeping it contained as we allow it to build. This creative energy will give power to our vision.

The Practice

Today’s session is about connecting to our being from the perspective of energy.  We want to track our sense of vitality and notice what movements enhance it and what diminishes it. We call this ecstatic movement.   For more information on ecstatic movement click here.

Below is the guided movement meditation practice for today . Give yourself a full half hour for the practice. Make sure you have room to move freely and even vigorously. Switch your phone onto silent. Before you begin, take a look around and take in your environment, where you are, the time of day etc. Get comfortable.

Guidelines are the same as the other days however, today we move one step beyond simply being aware. We begin to create movement that interacts with what we are noticing. Therefore we add this important additional guideline: If it feels good, it probably is. If if doesn’t it probably isn't. 

For the Rest of Today

Be present throughout the day to your energy levels. Notice what movement, words and actions are making your feel more connected, open, expansive and self contained. Notice what causes you to feel scattered or dissipated. What depletes or drains you of energy.

As much as you are able continue to follow the additional guideline in all your activities, conversations, and day to day life stuff. If it feel's good, it probably is. If it doesn't then don't do it?

There is a great opportunity to become aware of your patterns and habits, and to notice how many things we do out of habit, actually do not feel that good. Give yourself permission today to follow this guideline fully. Say no. Say yes! Do things differently. It will add a lot of power to this whole 7 day practice if you can keep your energy contained within your being and build up more of it. Of course if you happen to lose it during the day, even then, see if you can navigate back towards raising your vibration again. Use the guideline!

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