Day 5


Welcome to Day 5

Invocation: To call upon something. To conjure it up.

Vision 101

Today we will use our bodies as the tool to invoke our vision. To be clear, your vision is not a thought form, words or a well written up plan for the future. In this practice we are using the body to hold our vision. It is a deep feeling that we experience in our cells. When we are aligned to it, we feel like we are in our flow. When we are not, it feels like we are "off" somehow.

However it has nothing to do the the present circumstances. You can be going through some tough stuff, and still feel in flow. Or kicking and screaming thinking the visions not supposed to bring me here! It's not working! I don't want to feel this, and be in deep resistance.

We have to cultivate trust in the feeling. How do we know that being taken down into the valley is not the visions way of bringing us to a higher peak ? It's easier with practice however to trust this flow. Trust takes time to build as it means the breaking down of old habit and conditioned ways of being.

We will work with  our vision over the next three days, allowing ourselves to explore it more deeply each day. Today is about finding it for the first (or maybe 100th) time! Don't worry if you find you are unable to get to a feeling fully today. We will work on it over the next three days.

The Practice

Today is  a practice of manifestation. Of invocation. It uses the form of conscious dance know as invocatory dance.  For more information on invocatory movement click here.

For many of you, especially if you are new to this sort of work, today might seem even more out the ball park.  Remember that all experience is valid. Whatever you get out of today's practice is enough. We are attempting to leap into aspects of ourselves that guide us from a place that is very different from intellect. In this place we know, without knowing how we know.  Be patient, gentle and loving to yourself and whatever experience you have today.

As I mentioned, we are going to work on it over the next three days. Let your first thoughts, impressions, ideas, movements and experience be accepted. Do not judge yourself or any information you get. Your mind will be quick to seed doubt here. Tell you that you just making this up. Never mind. It's just the mind trying to keep it all safe. You don't need to understand the feeling of your vision. Just trust the feelings you get and go with it.

Below is the guided movement meditation practice for today . Give yourself a full half hour for the practice. Make sure you have room to move freely and even vigorously. Switch your phone onto silent. Before you begin, take a look around and take in your environment, where you are, the time of day etc. Get comfortable.

Guidelines are the same as the other days. It requires your absolute awareness. Stay present and stay in movement. It may help to have your eyes mostly closed for this one.

For the Rest of Today

Continue to feel into the feeling or vision for your life and life's direction. Gently allow it to become clearer. This is how it would feel to achieve everything you are resolved to achieve. Feeling the feeling,  let your hands come into the gesture you discovered at the end the dance practice often. Make the connection between gesture and feeling. Go deep into the feeling inside you and make friends with it. Identify with the feeling, feel it as a moving of some higher aspect of self, beyond right and wrong, beyond judgement, a place of loving awareness. Take some time just before you go to bed feeling it. Allow yourself to drift into the dreaming of that feeling. 

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