What is it to lend a helping hand?

To lend a helping hand, cultivate your generous nature, serve another being or the planet is something we cannot have enough of in this world. It is the natural expression of an awake human being.  However, many of us are afraid, a bit rusty or "too busy" to even think about what this entails. This dance awake class was an invitation to take a little time to contemplate this expression in movement.

The Inspiration

To lend a helping hand means that you empower another person to manage and look after their own life and be responsible for their peace and prosperity. If you go to the market to buy shoes or clothes for your children instead of buying two pairs, buy three. Two for your own children and one for the unknown child that you have adopted in your mind. There are enough deprived people in the world to who you can give that pair of shoes or that uniform and they will cherish it for the rest of their lives. They will always remember the kindness showered upon them. If every affluent citizen looks after the needs of one deprived citizen, in ten years there will be no poverty anywhere. All you have to to do is see yourself in that deprived state. We are very fortunate that we have enough to eat and also to waste. Eighty percent of the population in this county does not receive a square meal day. They are our fellow beings who need some encouragement, who need to know they have not missed all the opportunities in life and that somebody is looking after them. If this becomes your one activity in life, you will die happy, knowing that you have brought smiles to one person or family. When you have this realisation, it will be a day of great satisfaction.
Swami Niranjanananda.

The invitation

Dance this playlist and try to move in a way that serves to up level or uplift the space within and around you.
Could it be that the start of it is as simple as the way you point your finger, rotate your hips, stretch your spine?
Find a dance that serves this body, and then the space around you.
Could you discover a dance that moves you in lending a helping hand?

Well let’s explore this and see. Give yourself a full 1 hour and twenty minutes to explore the them of selfless service in this dance. Then take it out into the rest of your life and see what happens.

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