The Academy

At the Awake Human Being Academy (AHBA), we offer a transformative journey of self-exploration and growth. Our practices empower you to embrace life fully and move through it with grace. We invite you to embark on a curious exploration of your human experience and discover your place in the world, free from judgment and suppression. Whatever is happening in your life becomes a stepping stone on your path back home.

Unleash Your Creative Potential

Discover powerful tools and practices that unlock your true nature and connect you with the essence of all existence. Our academy is open to everyone, regardless of social status, background, or personal circumstances. We recognize our shared humanity and explore the natural order that binds us all. Join us and embrace your full potential!

The AHBA Methodology

Human beings are complex beings, capable of engaging with life on multiple levels of awareness. At AHBA, we offer an integral education system that integrates all aspects of your human nature. Through conscious dance, mindful movement, breath work, deep relaxation, mindfulness, meditation, and action, we guide you to awaken your inner knowledge and wisdom through direct experience. It's a self-empowering journey.

Who is the Academy for?

Are you yearning to understand your true nature and explore life more deeply? Do you seek a fun and creative way to stay physically fit? Are you looking for tools to enhance your mental stability and emotional well-being? Whether you feel disconnected, lost, blocked creatively, or overwhelmed by the fast pace of life, the AHBA is here for you. We provide a supportive space for reflection, processing, movement, and creation. Experience being human from various dimensions and discover the richness of your own existence.

The Power of Regular Practice

Embrace the positive effects of regular practice at AHBA. Deepen your presence, awaken your responsiveness, and expand your awareness. Discover your ability to respond to both inner and outer environments with grace and adaptability. Enhance your coping skills, break free from old patterns, and listen to the wisdom within you. With increased creative energy, improved physical health, emotional balance, and sharper intuition, you'll move through life's challenges with greater ease and grace.

A Little Time Each Day

Devoting just a few minutes to an hour each day can transform your life. This dedicated time for self-exploration allows you to experience expanded awareness and free-flowing creativity. The benefits will spill over into every aspect of your life, igniting a sense of aliveness and purpose.

Experience the Practices

Are you ready to experience the transformative practices at AHBA?

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Academy Module Structure

Our academy is organized into six modules. Each module represents roughly 8 weeks of practice. Start with the first module upon signup, and look forward to new content regularly added to the site. You can choose which courses you want to practice daily or follow the in depth study guide provided with each module that will take you through the course in a very thorough way. Dive into the courses within each module, including Dance Awake (conscious dance) Courses - Living Room Dances, Body Awareness, Elemental Awareness, as well as Awake Human Being practices - Movement Expeditions, Breathe Easy, Deep Relaxation, Meditation & Mindfulness, and Action. Enjoy a host of extra content, resources, and inspiration provided to enrich your journey.

Begin your transformational journey with AHBA today. Join us and unlock the full potential of your human experience.