Day 1

Body Intelligence

Welcome to Day 1

Before we even start to feel into the concept of  what our vision is, we need to spend some time preparing and sensitising our awareness to our body. The body is the super intelligent tool and vehicle for holding our vision. It also is an important sensory organ of perception, providing us with tactile feedback on our current alignment to our vision. So we need to spend some time just getting in touch with where we are right now. As it is. There is nowhere particularly you need to be, nor do you need to be feeling anything specifically. We are just taking a gentle honest look at the state of our being, on the physical  level of sensation. No judgment, no suppression. We are going to open up to that which is alive inside us right now.

The Practice

Today’s session is about landing in our bodies and beginning to connect to our being in a more somatic or visceral way. To connect to the feelings, sensations in the body. We call it somatic dance.  For more information on somatic dance click here.

Below is the guided movement meditation practice for day one. Give yourself a full half hour for the practice. Make sure you have room to move freely and even vigorously without hurting yourself. Switch your phone onto silent. Before you begin, take a look around and take in your environment, where you are, the time of day etc. Get comfortable.

The guidelines are very simple.

  1. Stay present
  2. Stay in movement
  3. Ideally move with your eyes closed as you will be able to focus more deeply inside your body.

If you are new to conscious dance and would like to know more detail about these guidelines, check out our blog on how to drop into a conscious dance class. 

For the Rest of Today

As much as you are able as you move through your day, pay a little more attention to feeling into your body. Take time to notice how you are actually feeling. Explore your energy levels. Examine your moods and your thoughts and emotions. You can do this as you eat, exercise, socialise, relax, or whatever you get up to. Don't analyse, judge, suppress or try create something other than what you notice. Just be with it as it comes and goes. If you have 5 minutes of time here and there, check in by scanning through the body from toes to head.  Before you go to sleep, feel your body once more and allow yourself to explore as much as you are able to. Do not judge any of it. Even if you are feeling some pretty heavy or negative stuff. It's ok.

12 Thoughts on “Day 1: Body Intelligence”

  • hi I love somatic dance and your invitation here, and also have a challenge… i experience motion sickness easily, and while dancing frequently get vertigo and even nausea. I am never sure how much is physical and how much perhaps something else. Any thoughts or suggestions welcome. Most of all, a warm thank you for the gift of this offering which speaks to my soul.

    • This practice is is a great opportunity to explore where the root is. The first four days each deal with an aspect of our awareness. You could if you feel moved to dance with it as best you can, paying attention to the sensations that arise in the different dimensions of your being. You do not need to fix it, only be present to it. Over time you then try move in ways that make it feel a little better and do less of what makes it feel worse. (Not sure if that makes sense?) In other words keep dancing this practice over the next days and see what comes up over the week.

  • Just what I needed for the stress of getting ready to travel with challenging characters. Thanks Brian. You could totally monetise this caliber of guided meditation on mindfullness apps like insight timer and calm

  • Dear Brian and “Awake human being”-community,

    I had a very moving experience which I really appreciate.

    In general, I see life as a constant unpacking of one’s own backpack in order to feel lighter and brighter. This unpacking process has been more intense over the last couple of weeks as I’m seeing a therapist in order to address certain challenging aspects; which means that I do a lot of mental and emotional work at the moment.

    Now, going through this physical “exercise” I was able to feel my body in a different way, get out of my mind, forget about time and everything/everyone else. It was simply beautiful! With my eyes closed I was able to feel and notice all kind of different emotions ranging from sadness to joy and excitement. There were moments that took me back to teenage years!

    I haven’t done anything likely before and am glad that I took this opportunity as I can tell that I need more of that. I do a lot of yoga and physical exercise but recently a yoga teacher told me something that made so much sense: “Pascal, you need to be more playful! Get our of your head, enjoy, let go!” And here I am, doing exactly what she said, very much appreciating it 🙂

    So yes, thank you. I am very much looking forward to the next “sessions” and what they’ll do to me.

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