I would like to share my conscious dance experience with you. I felt extreme physical pain during the class last night and I left the class completely healed from the pain. But first. Let me introduce myself. Hello, my name is Salomé. I dance with the community twice a week. My body is in charge when it comes to my dance practice. The transition from my “mind” deciding to come to class, to my “body” deciding to come; happened over years of consistently dancing week in and week out. A week without a conscious dance class, hardly ever happens in my world. Whenever I feel ill or down, I always end up at class. I let go and move my body.

I have realized that by doing this: I will always benefit somehow. The gain will range between small insights, a warm hug from a fellow dancer, some sort of emotional release or purely a “feel good” factor for the duration of the class. In the beginning it was mind boggling to say the least. How can this be? How is it possible to have so much energy during a class, when outside I am practically crawling around in agony? This internal question has never really answered. I kept trusting the process. I went through phases of crediting the music. The facilitator. The community. Yes, they play a huge part in the healing process. The music is a big deal. Fantastic facilitation is key. The communal energy of the group of like-minded beings creates a peaceful space. The environment is a huge help and a safe container. However, this is not what heals the pain. The healer is inside of us. The body in movement without thought has the power to transform both physical and emotional pain.

I write this article today, to share with you what I experienced last night. It was a very different to my previous experiences. In the past, I was temporarily alleviated from the pain I was feeling.

But during the class last night: I felt the pain transcend in its entirety through the conscious movement. I was in a lot of physical pain half way during class. I wanted to leave. I was about to drop out when I remembered the words: “There is no way out. The only way out, is through.” If there is no way out? How do I get through this? I somehow managed to keep my physical body moving. I completely dropped every thought. I let go 100%. This action felt extremely scary, but I kept going. Deep surrender of all thoughts whilst in physical movement was taking place. This released all the pain I was feeling.

I felt like I was dancing a miracle. I was witness to my own healing: the transition from feeling severe pain, to feeling no pain at all. The insight gained from this experience is still moving inside my being. It leaves me with a very simple recipe:

Keep dancing.
Drop all thoughts.
Trust the process.
Feel awake. Feel alive.

See you on the dance floor!


Salomé is the co-founder of Nature’s Dance, bringing conscious dance to the outdoors. Nature’s Dance is a collaboration between Salome and her life partner Jason Snell. They express creativity through movement, poems, photography & art using outdoor natural spaces as a platform.

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