If you have felt the tremendous benefits that conscious dance offers as a practice, have a love for music as a medicine, and a passion for mindful movement as a modality then this course is for you!

The Dance Awake facilitator training course will equip you with the skills, knowledge and experience necessary to hold a great Dance Awake conscious dance drop in class space.

There are Two Options:

OPTION 1: Do the training on your own, in your own time. Start Anytime. 


OPTION 2: Join the next online group training which starts on the 8 August 2022 

Training Facilitated by Brian Bergman (Founder of Dance Awake).

The Commitment: 

The Course Consists of 4  Modules

Each Module Consist Of:

  1. Theoretical Component - reading and listening to lectures.
  2. Practical component - course practices and academy content. 
  3. Homework Tasks and self reflection. 
  4. A Zoom Call with Brian and the group for discussion and questions about the Material.
  5. Access to the Awake Human Being Academy Courses and Practices that accompany and compliment the Course Theory with practice. 
  6. A Daily Personal Practice of between 15 to 45 minutes.
  7. A Facilitator Trainee Online Forum to share and discuss topics with other people on the course.

Graduation requires participants to organise and teach two drop in Dance Awake classes and includes a debrief with Brian. There is no time limit at this stage for when these classes must be held.

Cost: R7200/± $500 USD - (flexible payment options available on request) 

Continuing education and further development of knowledge and experience available through continued subscription to the Academy as well as ongoing mentorship with Brian. Option to list on the website

Upon completion of this course you will understand the modality of conscious dance, confidently teach drop in Dance Awake conscious dance classes, as well as integrate Dance Awake as a modality into your personal offerings.

If you are interested in booking on the course please contact Brian: 

I want to do the group training. What Should I be doing before the training Starts?

  • Sign up to the Awake Human Being Academy  and go through the Dance Awake content given in each module.  This is the best way to to familiarise yourself with Dance Awake as a conscious dance modality.
  • Develop a daily dance practice. (The Academy will help you with this)
  • It is recommended that you attend regular Dance Awake Classes.  If you are not able to attend Dance Awake classes then other conscious dance modalities will be be good as well. Look for Dancing Freedom, Ecstatic Dance, Expressive Movement, Movement Medicine or 5 Rhythms to name a few.

Here are the Dates of contact Zoom Calls for this course:

Calls are all approx 1.5 to 2 hours long.

Monday  08 August - Orientation Call - 18:30 (GMT+2)
Monday 05 September - Module 1 - 18:30 (GMT+2)
Monday 03 October - Module 2 - 18:30 (GMT+2)
Monday 31 October - Module 3 - 18:30 (GMT+2)
Monday 28 November - Module 4 - 18:30 (GMT+2)
We will have a final check in in early January based on the groups collective progress and completion of required content.



Module 1



  • The Facilitator
  • Awareness
  • Holding space
  • The Basic Class Structure
  • Themes


  • Beginners,
  • Body Awareness
  • Breath Awareness

Maps and Paradigms

  • 5 Sheaths of Awareness

Music Matters

  • Waves
  • About Digital Music
  • The simplest way to play music in a Class.

Module 2



  • Equanimity
  • The Great Way
  • Patience
  • Using words


  • 5 Primary Movements

Maps and Paradigms

  • The Five Elements

Music Matters 

  • Creating with music, Soundscapes, Lyrics vs No Lyrics, The Element of Nostalgia, Equipment
  • The Art of DJ’ng - DJ software, basics of mixing

Module 3



  • Tree of Life
  • Sensitivity


  • On New Moves 
  • Movement Models

Maps and Paradigms

  • Modes of Dance 
    • Somatic
    • Expressive
    • Ecstatic
    • Shamanic
    • Invocatory

Music Matters 

  • On Equipment
  • The Art of DJ’ng - part 2

Module 4



  • Awareness Awareness Awareness
  • Service to the space
  • Feedback
  • Responsibility


  • Additional Drop in Class Practices
    • Focusing Practices
    • During the Dance
    • After the Dance

Maps and Paradigms 

  • Other map and theme ideas.

Music Matters

  • Creating Contrast