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Academy Challenges

For newcomers wanting to get a feel for the Academy, we recommend starting with our Introduction to Dance Awake Course (A great intro to conscious dance) and the 21-day Challenges. Choose between the  Dance Awake Challenge - conscious dance only, or Awake Human Being Challenge - a mix of all the disciplines, and commit to just 15 minutes of daily practice. These challenges serve as an introduction to our transformative practices, allowing you to experience their profound effects. Embrace this opportunity to embark on a transformative journey and discover the power of these practices in just a few dedicated minutes each day.

Academy Curriculum

Welcome to the first year of course material practice. Here, you have the opportunity to cultivate a daily practice encompassing all the aspects of the Awake Human Being System. This year-long study will profoundly enhance the relationship you have with your life. Follow the study guides provided in each module for daily practice recommendations that will support your  development.

Academy Courses

If you prefer the freedom to choose what to practice and deviate from the curriculum, you will find a comprehensive list of all the course content below. This will allow you to explore and select the specific practices that resonate with you. Enjoy the flexibility to tailor your own unique learning journey based on your interests and preferences.

Category: CONSCIOUS DANCE    Time per practice: 45min     Total practices: 36  -  More Info

Category: CONSCIOUS DANCE    Time per practice: 15-18min     Total practices: 30  -  More Info

Category: CONSCIOUS DANCE    Time per practice: 15-18min     Total practices: 30  -  More Info

Category: MEDITATION    Time per practice: 15-45min     Total practices:  6 meditations varying lengths  -  More Info

Category: RELAXATION    Time per practice: 15-60 mins     Total practices:  12  -  More Info

Category: MINDFUL MOVEMENT    Time per practice: 15-60 mins     Total practices:  30 -  More Info

Category: Breath Work    Time per practice: 15 mins     Total practices:  30 -  More Info

Category: Working & Service    Time per practice: Daily Contemplations     Total practices:  7 -  More Info


Take a day out for yourself, with these 24 hour structured retreats. The retreats combine all the practices of Awake Human Being System and make the day constructive, deep, and restful. An opportunity to step out of the hustle of daily life for a day and do things that facilitate meaningful time with Self  using movement, dance, relaxation, breath work and meditation.

Additional Courses

These courses provide extended Dance Awake practices or incorporate conscious dance with other modalities of the Awake Human Being system. They are thoughtfully designed to facilitate in-depth exploration of specific themes, allowing participants to delve deeper into their chosen area of focus.

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