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Hey Guys, truly appreciating the feedback here. It’s great to hear how the different flavours of each day brings a little insight and inspiration. Amazing how a little dance can shift so much internally and help one change states. I’ve been dancing along daily and also remember each day how easy it is to shift energy and mind funks with a little bit of conscious dance. I’m enjoying as I’m definitely getting into spaces of feeling a bit blocked, negative or simply stuck. I’m aware just beneath this resistance lie truly uncomfortable emotions. Amazing to feel how the mind resists the dancing as it seems hellbent on hanging on to it’s familiar discomfort and would rather keep it like that then risk a shift. Well the dancing so far has brought that little shift daily and it feels like I’m slowly moving through the mud and remembering again how multifaceted we are as beings. The dancing is a profound remembering for me and I’m grateful that it brings movement to my life. Well done Rose getting back on the horse! Another 2 weeks of this and who knows where we will be! 😉