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Rose Hay

About me: So I have to confess I only lasted 2 days and then fell off the ship. I really thought I would be able to find a way to squeeze 15mins into my life, but my life has been crazy busy. I’ve been feeling a sense of overwhelm with he diversity of places I am required to expend my energy. I want to write a poem called Spaghetti Dance. Everything is shaking and winding and going in every direction imaginable… So today I was playing catchup for day 3,4,5. I feel like its kind of cheating the group, but also feel that maybe my honesty might motivate others to continue even when their lives may seem to full to take 15mins for themselves. I feel that spending more time on it today is enough of a consequence for me to maintain accountability with the group. I love doing it with a group also! I really hope to hold on tightly to the ship this time and not fall off! I hope this is acceptable for the group for me to jump back on! I commit to making this my daily practice for the rest of these days.

About the dances: Day 3 Water: I loved the last track – continually happy flowing, no matter what. Then a deep, still ending. I felt grateful for the ease my body can move in. For the more I move, the easier it becomes, the more I dance, the more my body loves to dance. I’m enjoying the ease and grace of my body’s mobility due to more regular dance.

Day 4 Mental body: Really felt the feeling of the thoughts connected to my heart and moving through my body. I am again blown away by how dancing with my mental state, soothes it, even though I don’t intend on changing my mindscape. Dancing will always shift me. Mostly a lot, sometimes just a little. But movement makes us change state, it helps us not to stagnate. I noticed as I have before my slight judgement of more hip hop/rap type songs (as we had a 2hr dance of that in the studio here once;) but they still held medicine for me.

Day 5 FIRE! Brian your facilitation dialogue for this was next level! WOW! You really got me with your choice of words, it was totally appealing to me and driving me wild. I was almost salivating! So delicious to dance with that fire energy! I’ve awakened a lot of fiery energy within me lately and I really enjoyed dancing with those internal flames! I enjoyed the freedom of being alone in this dance to express things I feel I can’t while I dance with others. I’m starting to understand Martina’s need for a safe space for women to release that fire without being preyed upon. I needed this release. I could really feel my energy build up. I also found it interesting that although my brain and mind feel tired, my energy and vitality feel strong and wild. I loved this so much and would love to dance it again! Thank you Brian. I would love to hear how others experienced this dance?! I’m a body and heart human so I also enjoyed the references to blood pulsing through my body and energy pulsing through my body.

Dancing is the best medicine for me and my best therapy! I am so grateful to have dance in my life!