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Elaine Owen

guys… i’m sure I have already posted an introduction but it seems to have disappeared so i’ll do a new one…

I was introduced to Conscious Dance through the lovely Sophie Bolton who then, once I was aligned and ready, directed me to Brian and this course. Since starting this course, you wouldn’t believe the crazy s*#t that’s happening to me. How many times can one experience a spiritual awakening?? I am being challenged, pushed and pulled and I am purging, intergrating and serendering to it all. I am also feeling deeply connected again, filled with gratitude and devotion to our mother earth, my higher self and all of the divine.  I am decoding messages from my spirit guides with renewed clarity. I often self-procastinate and put off whats important to me. I got fed up of dancing in a small space (the only place I had was at one end of the bedroom) so I stopped dancing for a week! I started to feel frustration, even anger for putting this off. I then suddenly woke up witht he inspiration of having my own temple. So supper motivated I completely changed the function of the upstairs rooms, moving the twins into the smallest room, moving myself and the childrens clothes into the guest room and changing the master bedroom into a dance space! JUST FOR ME!!! and now I have a room exclusively for dance and worship!!!! whoooohooo!!!  it took me like a week to do it, between twins napping and 10 mins here and there, and I finally danced for the first time yesterday! Felt amazing! Dancing makes me feel so alive.

Before I became a conscious dance enthusiast, I was a Singer/Songwriter and a Participatory Artist. I have a deep connection to the celestial skies and mother earth and I devote time to ritual, transcending light and ultimately ascension. Before the children, I lived quite nomadically and researched eco villages, the tiny house movement, alternative lifestyles and other intentional communities extensively. I still have hopes of starting my own intentional community one day… but for now, you are my community and I am so happy to be amongst you.

Love to you all x