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Denise Francklin

Hello all, it’s great to be here with you.
I recently left a job in Cape Town and moved to Plettenberg Bay, South Africa. It has been a time of beginning again.
I seem to have always been drawn to the depths. I am curious about and very interested in authentic self expression and for most of my adult life I have been engaged in inner work, in one way or another.
I have explored finding voice through writing, working with images, and dance.
Dance, or perhaps rather authentic movement, has been a valuable tool for me to work with the raw material of emotion and experience, a stage upon which to become both actor and audience, the dancer and the danced.
I danced through my childhood and early adult years the steps as they were taught to me in classes. In more recent years, I have been exploring surrendering into movement, steps unknown. To be present to each movement as it arrrives, right on the edge of the previous and with the very next one unknown, feels to me to be a terrifying, exhilarating and humbling creative experience!