Welcome to Dancing for Soup. All proceeds from these conscious dance classes support community led feeding schemes, serving meals to mostly children, in Khayalitsha, Cape Town South Africa.

We are currently exploring movement and breath in a series of 6 classes. This Saturday's Class (01/08/20) is live on Zoom with the Audio track here on this page. It will focus on Invocatory Movement. Join the class to discover more.

The class is then repeated from the following Thursday night on the Awake Human Being Mixcloud Account. It is available to everyone for a few days and therafter for the Select Subscribers Only. Your support is appreciated.

The Moving Breath Class Series

Class Instructions:

  1. Set up your sound system and get your space ready.
  2. Join the Zoom Call on time by clicking the Can of Soup below.
  3. The playlist and facilitation is pre-recorded and hosted on Mixcloud. This way the sound quality is wonderful and artists are paid royalties. (i.e. it's legal 😉 )
  4. The beginning of the call I will introduce the practice for today.
  5. I will then give the instruction to hit the play button on the playlist next to the can below.
  6. We will then dance the class playlist together.
  7. At the end of the playlist, we can chat a bit more on Zoom and then end the class.

Payment: The Class is free but we welcome donations as these go directly into buying food for soup pots in the soup kitchen initiatives that we support. You can find payment donation options here.

Zoom Call Link (Join this first)

Class Audio (Only push play when instruction is given in the zoom call)

Links to Previous Classes:

Classes are available every again every Thursday Night on Mixcloud. They are available to everyone for about 3 days then only to Select Subscribers. You can subscribe to Awake Human Being's Select Channel for only $2.99 per month. All playback restrictions are lifted and you will also be able to get track listings of the playlists as a select subscriber. Of course I appreciate your support too!