Zikhona’s Soup Kitchen

"The dancing for soup movement sprung up out of listening to the need in the community where I work as a vet in a welfare clinic. I was lucky enough to know two incredible and dynamic people of the community who took the idea and ran with it! Lockdown exacerbated a situation where people are struggling to put food on the table! The two kitchens we support are making a difference on a weekly basis.

Service offers the perfect path in this crazy time we are living in. We don’t need to fix the world, but if we play our part in helping where we can, magic happens all around."
- Brian Bergman

#DancingforSoup is an Awake Human Being  fundraising initiative.  We teamed up to support the two community led Soup Kitchens in Khayalitsha. Zikhona and Lazola are two people living in Khayalitsha and have taken it open themselves to run soup kitchens within their communities.

Our mission: To provide a hearty meal to children and elders in the community.

  • We have been running the kitchens since May 2020.
  • At the moment the kitchens are being run on the weekends. The Dance Awake community and friends have been generously donating towards the kitchens.
  • So far we have been able to give an average of R900 to each kitchen weekly.
  • Between the two kitchens we serve an average of 400 meals per week to these two communities.
  • Our #dancingforsoup classes have been donation based and the full donation has been going towards the soup kitchens as well. We are looking to expand the operations and appreciate everyones kind support of the project.
  • Our friends at Nude Foods in Cape Town have been sending weekly parcels of fresh veg and soup mix to add to the pot and as well! The project is grassroots and growing organically.

If you would like to contribute please put a donation into the following account:

The SevaUnite Trust
First National Bank
Sea Point Branch: 201809,
Account Number: 62620983074

Please use the word SOUP in the reference so we know where to allocate the money!

Overseas donations can be done through this SevaUnite Paypal Button: