I am free as the wind, no longer hurt by those that reproach me.
I am at home wherever I am and in the room of lovers.
I can see with closed eyes the beauty that dances.
Behind the veils intoxicated with love, I too dance the rhythm of this moving world…
I have lost my senses in my world of lovers…
- Rumi

Proposed dates September - November 2020

Training Facilitated by Brian Bergman (Founder of Dance Awake)

If you have felt the tremendous benefits that conscious dance offers dancers as a practice, have a love for music as a medicine, and a passion for mindful movement as a modality then this course is for you! The Dance Awake facilitator training course will equip you with the skills, knowledge and experience necessary to hold a great Dance Awake conscious dance drop in class space.

Contact dates and time commitments: dates tba

  1. Theory for the course done in own time through online platform. 
  2. Sunday  - 09:00-13:30 - Module 1
  3. Sunday  - 09:00-13:30 - Module 2
  4. Sunday  - 09:00-13:30 - Module 3
  5. Sunday  - 09:00-13:30 - Module 4
  6.  5 day silent residential Retreat at Hearth and Soul  - September 23rd to -27th 2020
  7. Thursday nights  September  - October (8 classes) - 18:30-20:45 - Dance Awake class and 15 min Trainee debrief meeting afterwards. The classes will be themed on the material you will be working through on the course and serve to illustrate forms and concepts of a Dance Awake class.
  8. Homework will be given with an investment of approximately 30 mins a day during the course. Including a daily dance practice.
  9. Organise and teach two drop in Dance Awake classes which includes a debrief with Brian to qualify.

Cost: TBC approx R9 500 (depends on retreat fee)

(flexible payment options available on request) 

Fee includes the Thursday Dance awake class fee, Retreat fee, Course notes, one year Dance Awake facilitator membership (see below) and Tuition and post graduating class debrief calls.  

Upon completion of the course you will be able to use the title: Dance Awake Facilitator. You will be able to understand the modality of conscious dance, confidently teach drop in Dance Awake conscious dance classes, as well as integrate Dance Awake as a modality into your personal offerings.

If you are interested in booking on the course please contact Brian: info@awakehumanbeing.com 



Course Content

Module One

  • Facilitation - The Facilitator,
  • Awareness,
  • Holding space
  • The Basic Class Structure
  • Themes
  • Movement - Beginners, Body Awareness, Breath Awareness
  • Maps and Paradigms - 5 Sheaths of Awareness
  • Music Matters - Waves, About Digital Music, The simplest way to play music in a Class.

Module Two

  • Facilitation
  • Equanimity,
  • The Great Way
  • Patience
  • Using words
  • Movement - 5 Primary Movements
  • Maps and Paradigms - The Five Elements
  • Music Matters - Creating with music, Soundscapes, Lyrics vs No Lyrics, The Element of Nostalgia, Equipment
  • The Art of DJ’ng - DJ software, basics of mixing

Module Three

  • Facilitation -Sensitivity
  • Movement - On New Moves, Movement Models
  • Maps and Paradigms - Modes of Dance - Somatic, expressive, ecstatic, shamanic and invocatory.
  • Music Matters - Equipment Continued
  • The art of DJ’ng (cont) - harmonic mixing, creating loops, beat matching

Module Four

  • Facilitation - Awareness Awareness Awareness, service to the space, feedback, responsability.
  • Movement - Additional Drop in Class Practices - Focusing Practices, During the Dance, After the Dance
  • Maps and Paradigms - other map and theme ideas.
  • Music Matters - contrast
  • Going forward from here.