Curiosity – Somatic

LRD101-1 Somatic Dance

In which we become curious about our physical body in movement

Somatic Dance is focused on the physical body and the physical sensations arising within. The invitation here is to become curious as to how your body is feeling physically. How movement creates new physical sensation. To begin to notice aspects of your anatomy and how it feels to have bones, muscles, joints, etc. For more information see the blog post on Somatic Dance

Instructions for Practice:

  1. Make sure you will not be disturbed for the full practice.
  2. Make sure you have space to move and nothing you could fall, bump or hurt yourself on.
  3. Follow the Guidelines for conscious Dance
    • Stay present
    • Stay in movement
    • Eyes closed or open
    • Do not speak with words use the body to converse
    • Be respectful of each other if you are moving with others.
  4. Listen to the practice and dance.
  5. The first 15 minutes is more facilitated to help you drop into the theme. It then opens into a more exploratory space where you follow your own dance and explore the theme further.