A Transformative Alchemical Dance Ceremony
Saturday 14th September 2019

R200 pre-sale on Quicket (students half price) OR
R250  (R140 Students/concessions) at the door.

Venue: Claremont Civic Hall, Cnr Bath and Main Road, Claremont 

Time: 18:30-22:30

An opportunity to play and have fun as we delve deep into the moving transformative alchemical experience of dance, in a crucible of incredible live percussion along with Dj'd music.

Dancers participate with musicians in a conscious dance facilitated space. Everyone listens to each other, and the movement is born out of response to what we are hearing. The band feels the dancers and play, the dancers feel the band and play, I feel everyone and play tunes. We all move together in a space that becomes one of those soft places where everything becomes possible.

We are wanting to really allow the energy to build to a level where true transformation and deep experiences can be had. To do this, we ask all those who attend to commit to the following agreements:

  1. Commit to staying from beginning to end. No matter what comes up and whatever edges you find yourself up against, the way out is through. This makes the Alchemy possible. You can't leave only half baked and expect to taste good. Baking sometimes is uncomfortable.
  2. Non-verbal space. We will not engage with conversations of words for the duration. Our conversation will be in movement. We will chat after.
  3. Technology free - all cell phones off for the duration.
  4. Keep moving and Stay Present. 

You will be co-creating with the incredible percussion of Ronan Skillen and Dance Awake (Brian Bergman) in this double wave conscious dance immersion. Weaving the finest multi-genre DJ’d music with Live percussive tracks and some facilitation, dancers participate, to create the energy and vibe required using their moving bodies as tools to transform lead into gold.

It’s going to be epic! The evening kicks off with a 45 minute warmup set, to get our bodies loose and our awareness present and ready to move into the 3 hour alchemical journey. Once the journey begins, we will keep ourselves present and in movement as we explore our inner and outer landscape through the medium of movement, dance, vibration and sound.

Bring some water and wear loose comfortable clothing.
It is a long night so bring some snacks to keep you energy up if you need this.

Alchemy 6

Dance of Transformation

Tickets on sale!